“Oh god, Buckethead.”

Yeah I know how alternative and indie purists are bound to react, mainly because it occurs all the time. You have a dichotomy between those to whom the electric guitar is some musical god and those who flinch at the notion of a guitar solo with even basic tonality. Would that there were more who could simply appreciate metal music for what it is. We don’t have to compare Buckethead to Eric Clapton (who’s like so much better because he plays with feel and soul!), Wes Montgomery or Yngwie Malmsteen, and really to do so would be a futile effort, because honestly, nobody really sounds like Buckethead.

Which brings us to Nottingham Lace. And damn, isn’t his tone amazing. Sure the whole song reminds of me of playing Donkey Kong Country II on Super Nintendo, but shit, wasn’t that an awesome game (with an epic soundtrack)?. Buckethead doesn’t sound cliched in the slightest here; his powerful, resonant guitar work that really epitomises how much energy and even emotion can be conveyed in such a maligned style of the music. It’s not heart-wrenching at all, but it’s in

After all, nobody likes the guitar hero. The real guitar hero, the one who is in as such complete command of his instrument as Buckethead is. His fans love him, but nobody in the music press takes him seriously (or even really mentions him). Good luck getting one of his CDs in Australia too.

Sure you could find this a bit long for your tastes. Sure you could find it excessive and without much of a song structure. But man, listen to that guitar sing.