Also in Metal news, Megadeth have announced their new album, titled TH1RT3EN (facepalm.jpg). Actually they announced it a while ago, but interesting to note, it comes out on the same day as Metallica’s album. Did Metallica and Lou Reed want to encourage some ol’ fashioned rivalry? Knowing the two camps, even when they’re supposedly at peace I wouldn’t put it past them. After all, Megadeth stands no chance in any sales race (Metallica has 100 million sales, Megadeth has 20 million).

As for the new single (it’s available in the link), well its title Public Enemy No.1 is just about as original as the album title (as a side note: Megadeth were pioneers in terms of engaging the web community; why did they choose such an awfully naf name?). That said, the song is surprisingly decent. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s better than the typical bland lead singles that bands have tended to feed us over recent years. Maybe Mustaine hit another period of strong writing… we can hope anyway.

I’m just hoping that this isn’t a repeat of the quite forgettable Endgame. While Death Magnetic suffered from awful production, at least it was a triumphant return for Metallica, making songs that were actually heavy metal. To be fair, Megadeth’s United Abominations was hailed in similar terms over a year before Magnetic. Still, both bands are teetering towards irrelevancy, made patently clear in Megadeth’s last album. Neither really captures the zeitgeist of any current movement – metal’s simply moved on. It went progressive, death, black, melodic, alternative, avant-garde; the amount of genres in it is amazing. The problem is that since both Metallica and Megadeth left metal, going for more mainstream hard rock sounds (The Black Album and Countdown to Extinction), metal has done the same and left them too.

They’ll keep on selling, sure, every old act does; but both bands’ futures are uncertain, at least musically. If they keep on playing the same kind of music and expecting a different reaction, they’re unfortunately fulfilling the classical definition of insanity. So while I’m hoping both Megadeth’s and Metallica’s albums are new and interesting (not either; both), you’ll forgive me for being a bit sceptical.
I’m still waiting for them to make a song anywhere near as good as Tornado of Souls: