While I may be a self-confessed Pink Floyd fanatic, this concert is excellent, nay essential, listening for any person who has ever enjoyed Dark Side of the Moon… which is essentially everyone with a pair of functioning ears and even the most lowbrow of music tastes. Despite the large amount of bootlegging, it’s always been an anomaly in Pink Floyd’s catalogue that while there are now five official live releases – Ummagumma documenting their very early Gilmour days, Live At Pompeii capturing the zenith of their psychedelic phase, The Wall Live featuring the eponymous album in 1980-81, and Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse featuring the latter day band in a greatest-hits like sense (“dinosaur rock” if you will) – there has never been any album or video released documenting the Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals tours, what is universally regarded as their creative and instrumental peak.

Which explains why this 1974 concert is so refreshing. Sure they play Dark Side on Pulse, but it’s plain that twenty-one years on no performance could really capture the energy and intent of the release, which is evident here, captured in the band’s famous jams. Not to mention that all the playing is top notch.

While this concert should be released on CD in the upcoming “Why Pink Floyd” re-releases, there are a bunch of other full youtube clips of these older concerts; hell there’s even a mash-up of several different videos to create a full film of Waters’ 2010-11 The Wall Live Tour. This is what the internet was meant for, and for that, we salute it.